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Meg Griffin: Expressing Herself, Part 10
It was the night before the Griffins were to leave for their flight to Washington. Meg was in her room, checking her bags and making sure that she had everything.
"Bows, arrows, check and check," she grinned. "Now for everything else..."
"Meg! Lights out!" Lois called from hers and Peter's bedroom.
"Just a few minutes, Mom!"
There's no way I'm gonna be sleeping tonight. No way in hell.
In the master bedroom, Lois was in bed reading a book when in emerged her husband with a sheet of paper, grinning from ear to ear.
"Peter, for God's sakes, what are you so happy about?"
"Lois, I was at the Clam-"
"What else is new?" Brian interrupted.
"-when Horace gave me this!" Peter excitedly thrust the paper over to Lois, practically shoving it over to her.
"What is it?" Lois asked.
"It's a betting pool!" Peter replied happily.
"Peter, no one will be betting in DC," Brian pointed out.
"Oh, how do you know, Brian?" Peter retorted. "People bet at competitive events all the time!"
Brian rolled hi
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Meg Griffin: Expressing Herself, Part 9
"It's almost spring, it's not supposed to be cold!" Eliza cried as she rubbed her arms for warmth. She and Meg were walking back to Meg's house after school about four days after the revenge plot on Brutus and his cronies.
"That's what happens when you live in New England," Meg told her.
To be quite honest, the cold weather was starting to bum Meg out. Even as a little girl, she'd always hated how there was practically an eight-month winter and a four-month summer in Rhode Island.
She wished that she could live in California, or southern Florida, where it was warm all year long, and it rarely ever got cold.
Meg opened the door and let Eliza and herself in. "I'm home!"
"Augh!" Peter screamed. He was still scared of Meg even after her little "lesson." "Umm, h-hi, sweetie, h-how was your d-day?"
"It was very good, thanks, Dad," Meg smiled sweetly.
"Hi, Meg's friend," Peter greeted Eliza, nodding once.
"Hi, Mr. Griffin."
Eliza still didn't like Peter, and Peter knew that Meg would probably
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Meg Griffin: Expressing Herself, Part 8
February turned to March, and while it was still cold outside, the snow had all melted. Meg was very happy about this, no more blizzards to screw up with her practicing schedules.
One afternoon, Meg was in the backyard, using the target that she'd drawn on a wooden board with a red marker and nailed to a tree for practice. She was now pretending that the target was Connie's friend, Gina.
Chris emerged outside from the back kitchen door and shut it behind him. "Hey, Meg."
Meg was kind of surprised to see him out here. "Hi."
"Can you help me out with something?"
Now something like this, Meg was never sure of. The last time that Chris had asked her to help him out with something, he had humiliated her in front of the whole school, causing her to run out crying.
But not anymore. If Chris tried anything, the next thing that he would feel would be an arrow up his ass.
The older girl gave her brother a suspicious look. "That depends, Chris. What could you possibly need my help for?"
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Meg Griffin: Expressing Herself, Part 7
Meg decided on a new thing: Using pictures of people that she hated as bulls-eye targets. She thought that it would give her more motivation.
She had a picture of Peter, Chris, Connie, Lois, Stewie, and (just in case) Brian. But she doubted that she would use Brian's picture as a target very often. Even though even he would treat her negatively sometimes, he was still the nicest towards her.
A blizzard fell the next day after Kevin came to practice with Eliza and Meg, which meant no school...and no practicing for at least three days.
"Damn it," Meg swore under her breath when she saw the amount of snow just outside of her bedroom window. "Oh well, at least there's no school today."
She climbed out of bed and got dressed, putting on a purple sweater over her usual pink and white shirt. Grabbing her bow and an arrow (just in case Peter forgot his little promise), she headed downstairs.
"Why do you have that with you?" Chris pointed at the bow as Meg took a seat across from him.
Since Loi
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Meg Griffin: Expressing Herself, Part 6
Some time passed, and it was now early February. Since her little stunts pulled on Connie and Peter, Meg's life had gotten a bit better.
Peter avoided Meg almost completely, and to make a long story short, Connie was being put on a strict diet, and she was going to be home-schooled for the rest of the year.
Eliza invited Meg over for a sleepover, which was a rare occasion in Meg's life, on Friday night.
"So what's your family like?" Meg asked as the two girls walked to the archery center on Friday afternoon. "I only met your parents and your sister at the banquet after my victory."
"They're just a normal, average, boring family," Eliza shrugged. "My dad's a book editor, and my mom's...overprotective. She's a stay-at-home mom."
"So's mine, minus the overprotectiveness," Meg nodded. "My dad works at the Pawtucket Brewery."
Eliza started laughing.
Meg frowned. "What's so funny?"
"Oh, nothing," Eliza shook her head. "That's just so predictable of your dad. I mean, with him being an alcohol
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Meg Griffin: Expressing Herself, Part 5
That weekend was a three-day weekend. For the rest of Sunday and most of Monday, Meg wrote down revenge ideas for Connie and her little clique, and that was when she wasn't practicing archery.
Meg had more time on Monday because the archery center was closed due to Martin Luther King Day.
The majority of that day was spent drawing out the plan. Alright, so she wasn't as good a drawer as Chris, but hey, at least it was understandable.
After all the writing and drawing got finished, Meg took the family car and went to the store to buy everything she needed for her plan.
When that was all done, she tried to practice, but she could barely concentrate due to how excited she was for school tomorrow. Tomorrow was definitely going to be one of the best days ever, no arguments.
Meg decided to go to bed early that night so that she could have more time to review her notes and get all her supplies ready for Connie's "surprise."
She set her alarm for 6:00 AM, an hour earlier than usual, and went i
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Meg Griffin: Expressing Herself, Part 4
Meg smirked at Peter. Time to rub her victory in his face.
"Hi, everyone!" she called to her family, approaching them with a smile.
"Nice job, Meg," Brian complimented. "You did well out there."
"Thank you, Brian," Meg gave him a smile.
She then turned and looked up at Peter, remembering their little "bargain."
Peter raised his eyebrows. "What are you looking at?"
"I won, Dad," Meg beamed. "I won fair and square. You might as well pay up."
"Pay up?" Peter and Lois chorused. As if Peter didn't already know.
Meg turned to Lois, her smile never leaving her face. "Well, Mom," she explained, "before I went up to compete, Dad pulled me aside, and made a compromise. If I lost, then he would disown me. If I won, which I did, then he would pay me $100 and let me stay."
"Peter!" Lois scolded. "Why?"
"Umm..." Peter looked around, possibly for something that could save him. "Oh, look! Beer!"
He ran to the table where other parents (mostly fathers) were drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages.
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Meg Griffin: Expressing Herself, Part 3
All throughout the rest of that week and the following week, Meg did almost nothing but practice. Nowadays, Meg would only eat, sleep, and practice archery.
There was just one problem. Meg hadn't yet told the other Griffins (other than Brian and Stewie) about her talent, and her parents and Chris were starting to get suspicious on her whereabouts when she went "out."
She eventually had to spill the beans to Lois on Friday night after returning from the archery center, eight days before the competition.
"Alright, young lady," Lois stated, "you've been going somewhere suspcious for almost six months now. I would like to know exactly where that place would be."
"She probably goes out and makes many failed attempts to make friends!" Peter cried, taking a swig of beer and laughing.
Meg shot a glare his way. "It has been in no way that, fatass."
"Then tell us, Meg," Lois prodded.
Meg took a deep breath, and let out a sigh at the exhale. "I'll be right back. I'll show you where I've be
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Meg Griffin: Expressing Herself, Part 2
"Meg...where did you learn to do that?" Brian asked after Meg was done.
"I don't know, actually," Meg replied, frowning.
That was a good question. Where had she learned archery?
She'd known about it since she was at least eight years old, and had read some information in it in The Hunger Games. But this was strange.
"Maybe I inherited it from an ancestor of mine," Meg theorized.
For the first time in a long time, she felt genuinely happy outside of the archery center. Someone was actually interested in what she had going on.
"Hey, Brian," Meg decided, "next time I go to the archery center, do you want to come and watch me practice?"
"When's the next time you go?" Brian asked.
"I go on Wednesday. I'm there three times a week."
"That doesn't seem so bad," Brian said. "It might be interesting to see what all you know."
Much to her own surprise, Meg found herself wrapping her arms around Brian and hugging him.
"Thank you, Brian."
Meg and Brian went downstairs for dinner, wher
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Meg Griffin: Expressing Herself
The alarm clock buzzed at exactly 7:00 on a normal Monday morning. Meg Griffin groaned and shut it off.
Meg sighed and stared at the ceiling, which was blurry until she knew it was best to put on her glasses. She slowly emerged from her bed and made it.
Almost any other teenage girl's version of a normal day would be going to school, hanging out with friends, and maybe going to the mall after school.
But, unfortunately, it wasn't that way for poor Meg.
She knew what was going to happen once she came downstairs. Her father, Peter, would pick on her and probably fart in her face, and everyone else would start laughing.
Except one.
Brian, the family dog.
Brian no longer helped pick on Meg, he was past that stage. But laying off Meg seemed to be foreign to the rest of the family.
Meg decided that she might as well get ready if she didn't want Peter to barge into her room, which happened at least once a week.
"Hey, Meg," her brother, Chris, greeted her when she arrived at the table. "I'm th
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